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The Free American is Back and better than before. The Free American is the ony magazine to deal forthrightly with what was called Conspiracy Theories ten years ago but is on MSN today, ten years later. This interactive online magazine will be delivered into you e-mail in a PDF format. bi-weekly. Link, videos and the Free American Radio and TV in each issue. It is the only publication to consider and  examine the JEWISH question with out hate or prejudice. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights permits all American to worship as they please. We do not need wars between factions. The answers are here but you won't hear them on mainstream news. They tried to kill Clay and the Free American Magazine. They demonized him, his veteran friends and the Militia he helped start. They failed to kill him and, now, in the 21st Century, the magazine is back and better than it was before. a one year sub in only $20 or you can order issue by issue, here or on Amazon's Kindle. See a few past issues at Hear some of Clay's Radio show there.

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Free American Magazine

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